Remember kids, never use an unfinished prototype like a final product! All of this for nothing.

Anyway! There we go folks, this is the end of the Act4. It took me a lot of time, work, sweat and a lot of stress but here we are! Now the comic is active since 2012 (even before due to the reboot). I thanks everybody for supporting me. For spreading the word about the comic, for even simply reading it, for commenting, for supporting through patreons or even for just giving me kind words. Without all of you guys, I couldn’t get that far! Until then Djandora will come back in one or two months. I’m going to try something different so stay in touch!

Anyway! Thanks a lot for that people!

-For this event, I put again few links you may see again. A music composed by KistuneMusician. Watch his work.

-And let’s not forget that little animation I made to resume the comic 😉