Merry christmas in advance guys!!! Gol and Djeneba travels around the world  and sometimes it’s winter in some area. They find a good place to settle and make the place cozy. In Djandora, Coffee is a very rare ressources. So to keep herself warm, Djenaba had a recipe about some hot mil alcohol infused with various plant to give some flavor. Djeneba enjoys that cozy moment with Gol, playing with his toy drone.


-That say for Patreon, the new artbook (2.0 with exclusive and new content) is hot from the oven and available to Veteran and Elite Gardian patrons, updated each time I got the occassion.
BUT WAIT, because of this “special” event, others patrons got access to the artbook as well but for a LIMITED time. (2 weeks)

-On ther other hand, EVERYONE else, got a link (below)  of the older artbook, previously available on Patreon.

That’s the christmas spirit! Enjoy everybody. Merry christmas and happy new year!


*(Patreons) Download Djandora Artbook 2.0 :*

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*(Everyone) Download Djandora Artbook 1.0 :*

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