“This place was a long hall. Huge trays were on a rails, transportings every kinds of goods and materials. “

I drew this picture because one of my donator gived a lot for my comic. And as every big donator he has the choice of the futur work for djandora. He wanted a landscape, so here we go!

Thank to OliveRdragon !!!

Also sorry everyone for the lack of answers on comments and the lack of new pages. My motherboard computer died already 2 weeks ago. And since my computer was old from 3 years, I needed a new motherboard but ALSO a new processor! Gosh! I was running on a socket 1156 motherboard while everyone are now on 1155 socket. Sooo…it cost me a lot but gladly with my donators help I manage to face the problem and get back on rails asap. Unfortunately, I lost my motivation, some of my work in the process. But anyway, I’ll be back as soon as I can, my list of work took the time to get bigger during these 3 days without computer! D: