Djandora: Isolated from civilization in an old millennium temple, Djeneba lived happily with her father and that since her birth. But everything changed overnight when she murdered her own father. Shocked and bound to herself, he had left a message, a mission for her … he knew. During this trip, nothing happens as expected, Djeneba will discover the true extent of this temple… unspoken secrets to the dark stories of the past, but mostly the tragic doom that awaits her.



Our protagonist. She lost the ability to speak after the accident with her father. Despite her gentle appearance, she has a strong side to face her difficulties. She is a living being, who lost someone, and is psychologically weakened by the latest revelations. Never the less, she remains strong… Because she must.


He follows Djeneba everywhere. We do not know what he is. He does not even know himself. He does not remember the past, but he knows his goal. He will be of great help to Djeneba as he guides her into the darkness of the temple. He supports her when she doubts in herself. Without Gol, Djeneba would probably never have achieved what she is today.


If you scrolled down this page then maybe you are interested about my intention on this comic. Most of all the explanation are directly on my Patreon page.

The Djandora comic has no age restriction , even if some website decide to categorize it as “mature” content. The internet is used by people of many different cultures all around the world and so the margin for what is mature can be very wide and varied. The comic is open to anyone who wishes to read it and experience it by themselves. For this reason, the comic is not going under judgemental art categorization and/or censorship opinions. Just like a lot of free museums around the world open to all public, the judgement and belief of the comic has and will always be up to individual reader. I’ve been an art student and I saw kids and teenagers in the Louvres drawing nudes from these old historical chef d’oeuvres, with respect and understanding. Art cannot be judged by any private rating organisation. The comic’s objective is to invite readers to question themselves about what they’ve been told, through different events and characters. Again, everyone is free to come up with their own answers.

It’s advisable to approach this comic unbiased by cultural opinions, because none of those rules apply to Djandora. Djandora is based in another world with its own rules and culture, as created by their inhabitant. That said, the comic is going to examine subjects that some cultures/peoples may consider mature, such as nudity, “bad words” and the curious concepts of “evil” and “good”.

Again, whether to judge and how to judge, is a decision only the individual reader can make. More general about art, read this: