Hi everyone! Sorry for everything, the comic will finally begin! I’ll try to post 2 pages per week to come back fast where I let the comic. I suppose everyone want to see something new and want to see the following of the story! I promise, I’ll do my best!

Probably in wednesday and friday! So you’ll have to wait until the friday of this week for the new page :]

[Edit] 19/09/2020

Hi Everybody. Like I mentioned few months ago on my TWITTER , the comic is already on its way to be restarted. Page for the prologue have been sketched and my patreon updated.  Few pages have already been completed as well. When Djandora will be available? I won’t be able to tell you. Now, I’m living in Canada and I’m a truck driver, cruising around the East coast of Canada and USA. You can imagine I have little time to work on the comic as I would love too but it’s still something I do with passion!

I would like to thanks everybody to still come back to the page and show your profound interest. That’s what keep me from believing it!

Thanks a ton, people! Keep it up and stay safe in these days of difficult times!

[Edit] 10/03/2018

I would like to thanks everybody for reading Djandora. What ever you’ve been a silent reader, a patreon, participating by promoting it, helping me money wise or through words, commenting, I thank you all! Without all of you, Djandora wouldn’t get that far. A small project and a character I created back in 2011 manage to get that far in your heart and it’s because of you all.

Djandora always was a storyboard project for a real final version in a close or far future to come. Today, as I warned in December 2017, I decided to  erase all pages of the comic. The comic is not perfect and has flaws when it comes to art, story and pacing.  It is a great news because I’ve learned a lot through this experience and next time Djandora will be back definitly, I will make sure to not rush this out and get it right.

So what happen next, you say? Life and time. That’s all I can says. My life as an artist has been in a constant move after Djandora stopped on the Act4. I moved from my hometown I was for 17 years and went to another continent to make myself a new life and job. Until very recently, I have finally a bit of time for myself and for my others projects. As you know it, things never happen as we expect them to be and few things are still pending that I need to take care of.

To work on Djandora, I need total safety and full focus to give my best love and craftmanship to share with all of you.

Until then, thank you all again. I’m here because of all of you!


Music composed by KistuneMusician. Watch his work.

-And let’s not forget that little animation I made to resume the comic 😉