Isolated from civilization in an old millennium temple, Djeneba lived happily with her father and that since her birth. But everything changed overnight when she murdered her own father. Shocked and bound to herself, he had left a message, a mission for her … he knew.

During this trip, nothing happens as expected, Djeneba will discover the true extent of this temple… unspoken secrets to the dark stories of the past, but mostly the tragic doom that awaits her.


Our protagonist. She lost the ability to speak after the accident with her father. Despite her gentle appearance, she has a strong side, to face her difficulties. She is a living being, who lost someone, and is psychologically weakened by the latest revelations. Never the less, she remains strong… She must.



He follows Djeneba everywhere. We do not know what he is. He does not even know himself. He does not remember the past, but he knows his goal. He will be of great help to Djeneba as he guides her into the bowels of the temple. He supports her when she doubts in herself. Without Gol, Djeneba would probably never have achieved what she is today.